• David Hsuing, Juniata College
    “Food, Fuel, and the New England Environment in the War for Independence, 1775-1776”
  • Kathleen DuVal, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    “Indian Métissage Policies in Colonial Louisiana”
  • Peter Mancall, University of Southern California and USC-Huntington Library Early Modern Studies Institute
    “The Visual World of Richard Hakluyt”
  • Christopher Grasso, College of William and Mary and William and Mary Quarterly
    “Deist Hero, Deist Monster: Religion in the Wake of the American Revolution”


  • April Hatfield, Texas A&M University
    “Fragile Alliances: The Spanish and English Caribbean at the End of the Seventeenth Century”
  • Dallett Hemphill, Professor, Ursinus College
    “Finding Fraternité: American Brothers and Sisters and the Revolution in Sentiment”
  • Mark Peterson, University of California-Berkeley
    “The City-State of Boston: An Atlantic History”
  • Benjamin Irvin, University of Arizona
    “‘Freaks’ and ‘Sneaks’: The Continental Congress Unmanned, 1774-1776”
  • James Rice, SUNY Plattsburgh
    “Bacon’s Rebellion in Indian Country”


  • Juliana Barr, University of Florida
    “Maria de Jesus de Agreda: Spanish Saint or Indian Sorcerer in the Spanish Borderlands”
  • Rachel O’Toole, Assistant Professor, University of California-Irvine
    “Constructing Property and Claiming Slave Value in Colonial Peru” (cancelled visit due to illness)
  • John Craig Hammond, Penn State-New Kensington
    “Contesting Slavery: The Politics of Slavery in the New American Nation, 1770-1840”
  • Ben Mutschler, Oregon State University
    “Disability, Capacity, and Citizenship in Revolutionary America”


  • Jon Sensbach, University of Florida
    “Born on the Sea from Guinea: Women and Religion in the Black Atlantic”
  • Max Edelson, University of Virginia
    “Defining the Southern Frontier: Cartography and Colonization in British East Florida, 1763-1785”
  • Miniconference on The Haitian Revolution:
    • John Garrigus, University of Texas-Arlington
      “The Cultural Construction of Resistance: The Legend of Makendal the Poisoner”
    • Jeremy Popkin, University of Kentucky
      “Revolutionary Politics and the Abolition of Slavery in France, 1793-1794”
    • Ashli White, University of Miami
      “Crispin’s Flight: Master and Servant in an Age of Revolution”


  • Denver Brunsman, Wayne State University
    “Ruling the Waves: British Naval Impressment as an Atlantic System”
  • Francois Furstenberg, Université de Montréal
    “Trans-Atlantic Land Speculation in the Post-Revolutionary United States”
  • Kirsten Sword, Indiana University
    “‘United in the worst of bondage to each other…’: Rethinking Revolutionary Divorce”
  • Patrick Spero,Williams College
    “Frontiers and the Transformation of Geopolitics in Early America, 1744-1800”


  • Gregory O’Malley, University of California-Santa Cruz
    “American Slave Trade, American Free Trade: Climax of the Intercolonial Slave Trade, ca. 1760-1807”
  • Caitlin Fitz, Northwestern University
    “An Imaginary Kindred: Spanish America in the Early Jacksonian Imagination”
  • Alejandra Dubcovsky, Assistant Professor, Yale University
    “Making sense of ‘la tierra adentro’ and the Florida project”
  • Jim Sidbury, Rice University
    “Pontiac, Indians, and the French: Thinking Race Through an Alternate Cultural Logic”
  • Patrick Griffin, Notre Dame
    “Reform and Revolution in the British Atlantic: The Case of the Townshend Brothers and the World after 1763”


  • Ryan Crewe, University of Denver
    “Pacific Purgatory: Spanish Domicans, Chinese Sangleys, and the Entanglement of Transpacific Mission and Commerce in Manila, 1580-1620”
  • Nikki Taylor, University of Cincinnati
    “Driven to Madness: Margaret Garner, Child Murder, and Symbolism on the Ohio River”
  • Jason Mancini, Senior Researcher, Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center
    “‘Preserved on the Mighty Waters’: Ethno-fraternities, Transnationalism, and Memory of New England’s Indian Mariners”
  • Dawn Peterson, Emory University
    “Domestic Fronts in the Era of 1812: Slavery, Expansion, and Familial Struggles for Sovereignty in the Choctaw South”


  • Edward Rugemer, Yale University
    “The Rise and Fall of Slave Societies: A Comparative History of Jamaica and South Carolina”
  • Hannah Farber, University of California-Berkeley
    “‘A Boisterous Season on the Atlantic’: American Marine Insurance Companies in the Age of Revolution”
  • Owen Stanwood, Boston College
    “From the Desert to the Refuge: Huguenot Colonies in the Era of the Seven Years’ War”
  • Sarah Pearsall, Cambridge University
    “Polygamy Without Wives: Paradoxes of Slavery and Marriage in Early America”


  • Co-sponsor, The Specter of Peace in Histories of Violence Conference, Aug. 14-15, 2015
    • Michael Goode, Utah Valley University
    • John Smolenski, University of California – Davis
  • Presenters
    • Wayne Lee, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, keynote
    • David Dye, University of Memphis
    • Mark Meuwese, University of Winnipeg
    • Brendan Gillis, McNeil Center for Early American Studies, University of
    • Pennsylvania
    • Dylan Ruediger, Georgia State University
    • Geoff Plank, University of East Anglia
    • Cristina Soriano, Villanova University (unable to attend)
    • Micah Alpaugh, University of Central Missouri
    • Margot Minardi, Reed College
    • John Smolenski, University of California – Davis
    • Rob Harper, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point


  • Miniconference on the Global Turn in Early American Studies, Jan. 23, 2016:
    • Sara E. Johnson, University of California – San Diego
      “Librairie Moreau de Saint-Mery: A Case Study in the ‘Global’ Scholarship of an Early Philadelphia Bookstore”
    • Philip Stern, Duke University (unable to attend)
      “The Seventeenth-Century Global British Empire: A Tale of Three Corporations”
    • Allison Bigelow, University of Virginia
      “Global Currents, Local Currencies: Copper Diplomacies in the Early Americas”
    • Emily Conroy-Krutz, Michigan State University
      “The Forgotten Wife: Debating American Gender Norms in India”


  • Kate Carté Engel, Southern Methodist University
    “‘The Cause of True Religion’: Transatlantic British Protestantism in the Eighteenth Century”
  • Miniconference on the Varieties of Slavery in the Americas
    • Brett Rushforth, University of Oregon
    • Sophie White, Notre Dame University
    • Linford Fischer, Brown University


  • Brian DeLay, University of California, Berkeley
    “Tsiyu Gansini’s Predicament: Guns, Ammunition, and Cherokee Choices before the Revolution”
  • Casey Schmitt, Cornell University
    “‘They brought them from the Palenque’: Captivity and Smuggling in Jamaica, ca. 1660”
  • Maya Jasanoff, Harvard University
    “Genealogy in, and out, of America”
  • Crystal Webster, University of British Columbia
    “Race, Age, and the Death Penalty in Early America: The Execution of Hannah Occuish”